28 July 2014

Tungnath & Chandrashila Trekking Experience

As promised, here is the post.

While heading towards Chopta, we saw a gathering of Langurs (there were about 20 of them including one newly born) along the road. The moment our car stopped, they slowly moved farther away from us. When they saw our cameras out, they even ran away, which is a good thing actually because as much as possible humans have to appreciate their beauty and agility from a distance. And when we got out of the car, the only way to photograph them is to zoom our camera in to its limit. Anyway, this one seems curious enough not to fully hide himself...or was it a she?

~ Looks like flat but think again, this is just the beginning trek
of a continues ascent towards Tungnath and Chandrashila. There are plenty of streams, too, along the road.~

~ The gate through Tungnath & Chandrashila trek. This is the parking/waiting lot and also a place surrounded by small hotels and lodging houses . . . including scattered plastics, too, which is seriously offensive to someone who is a real and responsible trekker and nature lover. ~
~ Zigzag trail towards Tungnath as seen from the upper area of the same road. I think there were 3-4 small hotels/stores all the way to Tungnath. Tungnath, of course, caters lodging, eatery, and refreshment.~

~ Tungnath temple and other "business" buildings as seen from below ~

~Tungnath temple...we wanted to go inside but since we needed to remove our shoes
 right at that gate we decided not to. We are nature lovers who admire, respect, and protect nature itself. We also acknowledge the work of men,  and in this case, 
those who built this structure.

 It's really stupid to go worship a god and then all you can do is destroy the
 beautiful surroundings around you. 
If you've been into these kind of places, I hope you have noticed how dirty humans make these "holy" places are -
.......all sorts of garbage, particularly plastics, are all around (I have noticed Snickers chocolate wrappers all the way from the middle point to Chandrashila itself, whoever was eating it doesn't have the right to throw the wrappers irresponsibly, including of course those who threw their garbage without even a thought); 
.......fat/obese/overweight people (including priests -you would wonder how did they get fat) are in plenty; 
........and really these places are just business hubs aim at looting people, who, by the way, let themselves to be looted, too.~
~The beginning trail from the temple towards Chandrashila. It's quite narrow and precipitous. The place is a yawning fissure, a deep cleft in the earth's surface. When the mist was lifted for a while all you can see are chasms, broken walls of mountains, or split mountains -the sight would really make you feel like you'll be pulled down anytime. 
Standing on one of these made my legs tremble. Whew!~

~ The temple at Chandrashila peak. No one else was there, just the breeze trying to shoo away the evening mist.~

~Cairns: piles of rocks at Chandrashila peak, didn't make one though ~

~A mini-temple made of marble located at the edge of Chandrashila. Looking around was a spectacular and awe-dropping view despite the white background ~

~Well, it's me! That rock is where the above mini-temple is.~

~ Banu passing by swiftly the fallen half-side of the road.~

~A stairway to a temple? There were quite a few of them along the road~

~a charming pose amidst drizzling rain~

~a playful pose while going back, guess I was happier -no more climb!
 Descending is tough actually, you've got to have strong knees! ~

When we trekked Tungnath and Chandrashila, we took local apples to munch on the way.
 I also had Chomp chocolates -the wrappers, of course, came back with us to Gauchar. 

This video shows what to expect upon reaching the peak of Chandrashila. The peak gives an outstanding view of the Himalayas.
Take a look!

So basically, 
we came and left nothing but footprints
we took nothing but pictures; 
we kill nothing but time.

And I encourage everyone to do the same. It's best for our planet!

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