07 June 2014

Crocheted Rag Rug: My First Ever Crochet Project

Having appreciated the works of knitting ang crocheting ever since I knew them I finally came to crochet my own first ever project -a rag rug made of old tees using a self-made numberless crochet hook out of a mango twig.

We have quite a number of old t-shirts that cannot be given away because, obviously, they're so old that we don't want to wear them ourselves so how can we give them away, right? So I decided to make yarns out of them (not all tees are good for yarns) and make rugs. The finished project is the above picture. It has taken me quite a while to finish it but I enjoyed doing it and yeah, old tees became more useful. Instead of burning them, most part of tees were used as yarns and made into something that can be used for a few more years as household items.

I did this project by downloading a youtube video and noted down the procedures of the pattern. Here's the link.

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