12 May 2014

Motherhood: A Prison?

This was on the Facebook wall of one of my friends who just recently had a child and reading all the comments made me laugh because all the comments were positive, you know the portrayal of how difficult it is to be a mother to a newborn child, how much time they spend time in tending their child, how much they can relate to that statement, etc. Not one of them realized the negative impact of this statement. 
There are four words that are very inappropriate in this statement:

Really? Rearing a child makes a mother feel like a prisoner, like someone who tried to escape everytime, and that a life with a child is like living in jail? And that too, a little break means FREEDOM to a mother? Ha ha! Great! Tsk!

Why the hell they had a child then? Do they realize how messed up this statement is? And those who read this didn't disagree to it? Oh, the idiocy of mankind.

I am not a mother (and I don't intend to create another being) but I would never say "I am not a mother so I don't know how to raise a child (telling to a mother)". Saying so is like I need to have a car to learn driving. 

You see, readers, no child has ever asked a parent that they wanted to be born. Being born is no way a child's choice. So whose choice it is? The parents, especially the mother, and to view motherhood and describe it like the above statement is just wrong...very wrong and idiotic! Any child whose mother's views are like that one above must be ashamed of her/his mother and demand her to change her views or "de-mother" her altogether.

"There must be some pre-requisite before someone can become a parent." 
(A line from the movie, Detachment)

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