29 March 2013

Nasturtium: Flower Plant That Prefers Poor Soil

On 27th March 2013, Holi day (festival of colors) in India, my husband and I decided to join the officers around here celebrating the festival of colors although we don't celebrate any festivities. Preferring to roam around we clicked hundreds of blooming flowers in early spring around the campus especially the ones near the Officers' Mess. Nasturtium is one of these blooms.
According to readings, Nasturtium is easy to grow. Its leaves and flowers are edible. It blooms well exposed to the sun and like the subtitle above, it prefers to grow in poorer soil. Do not over-water and cutting off withered or dead flowers prolongs blooming.
Nasturtium comes in different colors: orange, yellow (like above), and red.

Note: We were discussing about its name w
hile taking a photograph of it. That day was the first time we encountered this flower up close although we have seen it from afar. When we got home my husband searched the internet for its name, for definitely it has a name. And gotcha, he did found it's name and its NASTURTIUM.

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