04 August 2012

Stairways To Heaven: The Steps To Karthik Swami Temple

The steps to climb to reach Karthik Swami Temple, around 13 kms away from Pokhari-Nagnath, Chamoli Distict, Uttarakhand, India.
Because of its height, it is a viewpoint for many who want to see a wide range of the Himalayas, including a few famous mountains in this side of Uttarakhand, given of course that the weather is favorable when you visit the temple. It has taken us around an hour (some may take more than an hour) to trek from its starting point (I forgot to ask what village it was...sorry).

~ a view on our way to Karthik Swami Temple ~

We were unfortunate not to see a single snow-clad mountain when we visited this temple around March because it was hazy and only low mountain ranges were visible at that time. It was still a great trek, though. People suggest to trek to Karthik Swami Temple in winter - between December and February.
~ the steps, quite a few and steep, down from the temple ~

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