24 July 2017

I Am a Vegan Anarchist

I am a vegan anarchist because meat consumption is just one of the symptoms 
of a larger evil that pervades our society, which is capitalism.

The disease of capitalism erodes compassion and makes humans see, not only other creatures, 
but also other humans, as commodities which only have value for the profit that they may fetch 
in the market, regardless of all other considerations. 
A capitalist mind-set, not only prioritizes profit, but also terminates 
everything else that it sees as not marketable. 
Since values are arbitrarily set by the market, 
in a capitalist system, a large proportion of the planet’s beings, both living and non-living, 
are arbitrarily discarded, as the market sees no value in their existence. 
And the ones that are seen as valuable are most often seen as valuable only for their final value of profit, thereby leading to horrific holocaust-like conditions for all their existence 
until their ruthless extermination in the name of generating profit.

I am a vegan anarchist because when an animal or human being or a tree is tagged 
to have this value or that much value, it becomes a one-sided world - a world that is run 
by people whose personal interest is always put at the top, 
regardless of who suffers or dies. 
A road worker works hard so the rest of the world could have a pleasant journey 
or so goods could reach their final destination without getting rotten but is paid meagerly. 
Does his life and work least important among other kinds of work? 
Definitely not! 
The same goes to the life of a pig or any other animal. 
Does a pig’s 6-month life worth 10000 rupees? 
But the capitalist mind would say so! 
Only a vegan anarchist recognizes that all earthlings have inherent value of their own, 
that the pig’s life is invaluable - a value that can be determined by nobody. 
It can neither be sold nor bought. It cannot be traded for anything else. 
And as long as people put a monetary tag to anything, 
whether it’s  natural resource or human and non-human living being, 
exploitation, in any form, 
will never cease to exist.

Capitalist systems breed exploitation over cooperation, 
perpetuate control over empathy, 
and drive cruelty, death and destruction over love, life, and protection. 
Hence, I am a vegan anarchist because anarchism is the necessary solution 
for transforming the world into veganism.