04 July 2017

Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Ltd. (THDC Koteshwar Hydro Power Project)

The Koteshwar dam is on the Bhagirathi River located downstream of the Tehri Dam in Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. KHEP dam is an important part of the Tehri Hydropower Complex that serves to regulate the Tehri Dam's tailrace for irrigation purposes and water load balancing. 

KHEP dam as seen from Pokhari - Koteshwar road. The photo was taken in November 2016.
 There are two roads to reach Koteshwar from Rishikesh. First is through Narendra Nagar -Chamba - Gaja -Pokhari -Koteshwar road. From Chamba, one can go to New Tehri directly. Second is through Devprayag - New Tehri road. Koteshwar from Devprayag is around 40-45 kilometers and deviates at Chaka village. Along the way, you have to ask the road to Chaka because there is another road that goes to New Tehri bypassing Koteshwar road. It's easy to reach Koteshwar once you reach Chaka. Everyone knows Koteshwar dam.

The upper houses of KHEP colony. The right line of houses is CISF line where CISF constables and next ranking personnel along with a few of THDC staffs are housed. Below this line is a two building, eight flats for higher officers of THDC. Most employees here come from B.Puram. They don't stay here in the colony.

KHEP township taken a little out of the temple. Just below the BSNL mobile tower is KHEP's dispensary where, as of this time, two doctors (one CMO and one ACMO) are managing the dispensary along with three nurses, pharmacist, lab technician, assistant lab technician, and other hospital staff.

 The entrance to KHEP from Bhagirathipuram. There's a checkpoint ahead. Just state your business, whether visiting or just passing, and you're good to go.

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