04 August 2015

Random Thoughts of A Wandering Mind

A Child is A Miracle

 "Having a child is not a miracle. It’s biology. Not to mention the fact that humankind is going to out-breed our little planet. We are like lemmings—burdening our environment until a mass-killing is needed to equalize the overpopulation. People don’t think about how much having a child impacts the world. If you consider yourself an environmentalist, or against war, or poverty and hunger, then you would be wise to consider the impact your fertility has on the planet".....(Excerpt from this blog.

Finally, someone is bold enough to say the truth that many "experts" are scared to talk about! It is a must to discuss human population growth. 

A Recipe for Disaster

The belief that you need someone to take care of you is a perfect recipe for disaster!

A Twisted World

Our world is such a twisted one! The sick or ill get sick leave from work, get their hospital bills and medication reimbursed,  while the healthy-especially the ones who really want to stay that way don't get anything! They don't get extra pay for not being sick, they don't get reimbursed when they enroll themselves in gym or buy bicycles to stay fit and healthy, they don't get paid to buy fruits, vegetables and nuts to certain their well-being!

Pregnant women get paid maternity leave when they are the ones who contribute to the already over populated world. They are the ones who add to the consumption of earth's exhausted resources. They also pollute, in every possible way!

It's not our world that is twisted, actually, but the people who are on it (not all but most).

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Cease to Change

It's just a sad fact to know that no matter how precautions or factual information you share with people (family, friends, acquaintances) about health and values in life, they still cease to change. 

This is the time when you have to realize yourself that there is a limit to everything. You can't continue to go on and on. You have to let them be and, yeah, you don't need to have anything to do with them.


Everybody deserves a chance to get informed or be educated with something that is very important. But then, it's up to them whether to take that education and do something good about it!

Criticize Idea Not The Person Who's Holding The Idea

To criticize the person instead of the values, beliefs, thoughts and ideas, or opinion he or she holds is the highest level of immaturity and the lowest form of intelligence.

Found A Friend?

The moment you met a person whom you can talk to about the important social issues in life with open-mind, without feeling upset or attacked because you are talking about views and values that are exactly opposite to his or hers, that is the moment that you just found a friend!

Help To Most People

The problem with most people is that when they need your help they expect the kind of help they want from you and get upset or angry when this expectation is not met. So, for example (among many) when you tell an obese or an overweight person to lose weight and be more active, they give you all the excuses they can think of and try to justify their health issues...and on top of that they want your sympathy when something "bad" happens to them when the reality is, the sympathy they were looking for was already presented to them only that they were too self-absorbed to even notice that help was already given.

It's like visiting a friend or a family member in a hospital who has met a terrible road accident because of reckless and fast driving to show that you care. Telling him/her over and over again to drive slow and carefully is NOT help or support when, the truth is, that is the greatest help you can ever extend to another person!

Prevention is always better than cure, because most of the times, there is no cure...other than 6 feet under ground...sooner or later!

Ignorance, Not A Big Deal

Ignorance is not a big deal! But when you are presented with knowledge, at least, have an open-mind to accept it and change your ways.


Students' intelligence these days is measured by their ability to memorize facts and retrieve these facts and apply them at a proper place at the right time! And that's basically scoring marks!
Students graduate with honors, receive awards and scholarships but are really poor in critical thinking.
Laws Are Useless

Laws are useless!
They have not prevented bad people from committing all types of crimes. 
On the other hand, good people don't need laws. They will never be seen littering, robbing, cheating, or murdering. 
Laws are made to control!
And when people have to fight for justice, that is even worse!

Lesson in Life that Many Choose to Fail

Murdering animals for food or clothing or using them for human benefits is one of those lessons in life that each and every one of us failed to pass earlier. This time, many are still failing not because they can't pass this basic lesson. They are failing because they refuse to pass, they choose to fail. Hence, there are still so many non-vegans out there who, deep inside them, accept that the act is wrong but still continue to include flesh on their diet.

Money From Cruelty

To make money from cruelty is the lowest form of humanity.

Cockfighting, which is very common in the Philippines, every Sunday or during fiestas.
Bull fighting; selling animal goods; selling birds as pets; breeding animals for food, clothing, etc.

You are better than these people who are involved in such atrocious forms of livelihood.
On Blood Donation

I don't understand the need for blood donation camp, actually! It seems pretty useless to me...stocking blood in case someone needs it badly. I mean the only time you need a blood donor is when you met an accident and the only way to save your "precious" life is a blood from another person. 

So what if your blood goes to a person who is already sick because he's been so neglectful about his health his body slowly deteriorates and only now he needs something, like blood, so he can keep on living? What if, after he gets blood donation he continues to do the same thing he did before he needed the blood? Does it make any sense to you?

It doesn't to me!

Rather than holding a blood donation camp, why not hold a more useful camp like educating people to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to avoid such unnecessary activity in the first place? Encourage local community to plant their own vegetables and fruits; implement strict segregation of waste and no single biodegradable waste should go out of each house -must be composted! These, among other many things, are, for me, more important than wasting time holding a blood donation camp. And nobody takes account on how much blood goes to waste later on.

Instill personal responsibility on people! Blood donation is just like a patch...patching a hole that can totally be avoided just by being responsible for your own health.

The only question that only retains in my mind is that,  what if your blood goes to a person who doesn't deserve to be saved? (This goes to organ donation, too, which is why I like (somewhat) that movie of Will Smith, 7 Pounds).

What will you do?

Something Not Shallow: A Poem

It is sad, I know. 
But if we give up on each other,
It's not because of something shallow.
In fact, it's because of one common fellow.
They're still on your plates whole, chopped, dry, and gravy
A necessity, you say.
Something valued traditionally.
But friends they are to me
Who I adore dearly.
So you see, it's rather easy.
It's either
I let you be
And I'll be on my way
Or together,
You and me
On a journey towards something extraordinary!

The Dalai Lama

"The Dalai Lama eats meat because he gets sick if he doesn't" is a piece of information that is not new to me. And the first time I heard about it, "what a hypocrite", was my first remark.

So he decides to take the lives of sentient animals so he continues to live, huh! What an incredible idea!

I am a vegan myself but I am not against eating meat. It's the killing of animals for food is what I am against of. These animals have equal rights to inhabit the only home I am inhabiting free from harm, torture, and threat of untimely death because of human craving for flesh, which is actually bland and not tasty at all.

And an authority like the Dalai Lama, who is supposed to be advocating non-violence, is an offensive figure for me! 

To Complete Me

I have been hearing and reading this phrase for a long time and it is mostly coming from women who are looking for a boyfriend or a husband material and/or from a mother who wants to have a child.

I mean, come on. You needed someone else to complete you? I mean, you yourself are not complete? But how can you ask for somebody to complete you when you are not complete yourself? 

It's like giving a half-baked cookie to someone. You are the half-baked cookie and you are looking for somebody who would take you, not cooked!

Would you like to take a half-baked cookie?

This is the same with somebody who always say "I need somebody to make me happy". Nobody can give you happiness except yourself and to ask or look for it from somebody else is, really, a perfect recipe for a disaster. 

Please, learn to love yourself. You can only give happiness if happiness is already in you.


Veterinarians: The only doctor whos eat their patients!

What You Are

It's no longer, "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are!"
It's now, "Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you what you are!"

What's Wrong?

What's wrong with meat, eggs, and milk?
There's nothing right about them!!!


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