06 August 2015

Khirsu Community Health Center: A Hospital On A Hillstation

From a Primary Health Center (PHC), Khirsu Government Hospital has just recently got upgraded to Community Health Center (CHC) with 1 permanent MBBS doctor assigned; 1 MBBS contract doctor; and 1 MBBS doctor doing an attachment duty (through bond) from Srinagar Base Hospital; and other hospital staffs: pharmacist, nurse, ANUMs, and other hospital personnel.

An ANUM training center and a hostel are also located at this hospital campus.

~hospital compound as seen from Khirsu market~
The hospital opens at 8 am to 2 pm Mondays to Saturdays in summer and 9 am to 3 pm in winter. It is an OPD service. Minor emergency cases are handled in the hospital while serious cases are referred to higher centers -Srikot, Srinagar or Pauri hospital or in Dehradun.
Delivery cases are quite less and are handled by nurse and ANUM.

GVK-EMRI  (call 108) provides emergency response services under PPP or Public Private Partnership framework and is ready on call anytime.

Housing facilities are provided for doctors and other hospital staffs. Electricity supplies come and go, sometimes for about 5-15 minutes or 1 hour to 12 hours especially when a major repair is going on.
Water supply, on the other hand, is problematic, especially during summer days. Water tank truck which comes from Pauri supplies to areas without water.

~hospital compound as seen from Pauri-Khirsu road,
the towering building is the hospital~

Khirsu's location is situated in a very strategic point where a view of the Himalayas can be clearly visible in winter behind those cloud-covered mountains.

GMVN (Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam) Hotel and Restaurant is located just below the hospital.

~Chaukhamba mountains are on the right. I can't name the others.
These are the mountains visible from Khirsu
between December and early February.
This picture was taken in early February after
a night and day of rain.~
[This photograph was taken from the hospital campus]

~The view visible from Khirsu. This was taken from Khirsu hospital~

For more information regarding Khirsu CHC, just leave a comment.


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