16 May 2015

Tomato-Potato Soup: A Very Easy and Tasty Soup I'd Wished I'd Tried Earlier

Tired of having plain tomato soup almost every day, it's time to try something else or add a different vegetable to it to at least vary the taste. I've tried a few soup recipes using a different kind of vegetable. This time, it's tomato-potato soup.

What are needed?

1. Bay leaf, 1 -2 leaves
2. Garlic, 1-2 heads, crushed
3. Ginger, 1 inch, chopped into small pieces
4. Onion, 3 pieces, chopped (2 chopped into medium sizes, for grinding; 1 chopped into small pieces, for garnishing)
5. Green chili, chopped into fine pieces (optional)
6. Ripe tomatoes, 5-6 pieces, chopped into medium sizes
7.Potatoes, 2 medium-size, washed, chopped into small cubes (with skin on)
8. Black pepper powder, 1 tsp.
9. Salt to taste
10. Oil, 2 tbsp. or as required

How to do it?

1. Heat oil, about 2 tbsp. in a deep pan. Add bay leaf, saute' for 4 to 5 seconds. Then add onions. Saute' till translucent.

2. Add ginger and garlic. Saute' till cooked or when garlic and ginger turn slightly brown. (Tip: after crushing or chopping garlic into pieces, leave them as they are for 20 minutes before cooking. Cooking them immediately destroys the enzyme that makes garlic a cancer-fighting-food a.k.a. "superfood").

3. Throw in tomatoes. Saute' till oil starts to separate or when tomatoes get mashed.

4. Add cubed potatoes, stir and mix. Let it cook for a few minutes without getting the bottom get scorched.

5. Add a cup of water (you can add more later if preferred).

6. Let this mixture get cooked until potatoes are soft and tender. Turn off the stove. Keep aside to cool.

7. Once cooled, remove the bay leaf. Using a blender or mixer, churn the entire mixture into a smooth puree. Add water to the jar to remove whatever is left.

8. In the meantime, saute' chopped onions in another small kadai or pan. Saute'until slightly brown. Keep aside when done.

9. Using the same deep pot which was used for the first 7 steps, pour back this puree including the bay leaf then heat again. Add salt and black pepper powder. Try to taste. 

10. After a few minutes of boiling, add in sauteed onions. Mix and serve!

~I only used half of the green chili (about 4 chopped pieces) because we are not fond of a very spicy dish.
~Pumpkin, Zucchini, Carrot, and Beetroot (they are the ones I have tried) can be made this way, too.
~I can stop until procedure 6 and just add black pepper powder and salt. It's already a tasty viand to be served with rice or eaten alone. 

Inbox your query or clarification, if there's any. Enjoy!

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