16 March 2015

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Human Beings

This picture was taken on 14th March 2015 on our way towards Gauchar market.  I was already documenting the horror of the area while passing this bridge. Then this woman, coming from the other side of the road, carrying a plastic of mixed garbage, appeared.
I walked past ahead, stood and waited for her to cross the road because I know she will be dumping what she's carrying into the river and I wanted to photograph it. 

The result? The picture above!

The plastic bag didn't land on to the river itself. It was caught by those Lantana plants down below. 
But in no time, the image would be like this...

...and even worse!

What she did was stupid, unacceptable, and disgusting!
She, among others, is responsible for deliberately polluting this seasonal river, killing and poisoning ALL lives that depend on it.
She, based on her body size-short and stout, is obese and, therefore, sick...very sick,
 physically and mentally!

Would you sympathize with her?
Would you treat her, if you are a doctor?
Would you help her, in any way, if you happen to be her neighbor?
Would you care to educate her? 

To me, she is a walking dead and because she's dead, giving her education is like administering a dose of medicine to a zombie -no point! I don't sympathize with people like her. I am not a misanthrope, I just deplore people who have no shame left of themselves because this woman and the likes of her are not only killing themselves, they are also dragging innocents with them -the victims who are almost always not in the picture, the animals!

And that is merciless!

I would have not minded if her action only affects her. She can do whatever she wants even if it leads to her own peril or death. But that is not the case!

The animals who don't contribute to any of these suffer the most.
And who else? The few people who try to make a difference and don't participate in polluting the earth suffer, too!

Ironic huh! The criminals are not the only ones paying for their crimes. And in most cases, it's the victims who pay the most-their health and their life!

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