10 January 2015

Stupid People: Killing Themselves In The Process

My husband and I just came from marketing, which we do every 3 or 4 days. As usual, we walked to and carried back 2 cloth bags each full of fruits and vegetables and some grocery items. Like any other day, nothing skipped from our observation. And this rant is not new. We've been going on and on about this issue, aside from other social issues, for a long time....anywhere, anytime between the two of us!

So passing by at the Gauchar bridge we always notice...

The seasonal river that really gets ferocious during monsoon
 and the houses that are just right at it!

~the people and their houses, which are built just right on top of the dike constructed to avoid landslide in the area...technically these people are living right on the banks of a seasonal river,

Plastics, bottles, clothing, etc

  • their garbage, which is thrown right into this same river. Eventually, their wastes, too, for the outlets are pointing towards the river. Gross!

And when the river becomes heavy enough to wash them off, we are supposed to help them?

We are supposed to lend a hand for they are victims of calamities? And they need our sympathies?

No way!

And on the opposite side of this bridge are, again slum-like houses AND, would you believe it, just right on top of a huge rock where this same river cuts through
Forest Dep't. buildings surrounded by a few trees
and hundreds of different kinds of garbage!

  • is a forest department where its staffs reside.  Instead of seeing trees and plants you can clearly witness their stupidity -garbage (plastics, clothing, etc.) thrown left and right visibly piling up on the side wall of the rock which eventually go down to the river and join with the other garbage that many other people contribute from neighboring areas. Forest people huh!

A couple of joint houses just below the FD...would you
let your surroundings look like this?

On top of that, many family members of this force walk through this river area every afternoon (as a routine, imagine that) carrying a plastic bag full of biodegradable and non-biodegradable items (mixed, of course, for obviously they don't have a concept of segregation) and do the same thing as what others do-dumping garbage right into the river!

I mean, are they humans?

It's the same face in most places, I know. I just can't stop ranting about it. I mean, gosh, these people don't deserve to roam the planet, let alone breed more of their kind! Jeez!

What irresponsible people!

The entire walk (about 1.5 km) itself is a pathway of plastics! You know what, the people of this force don't have a sense at all, it's a shame really! They keep chopping Lantanas and other bushy plants that grow along the battalion's fences and in this same stretch, there are hundreds of plastics (chips wrappers, chocolate covers, milk cartons, tin cans, bottles, and other junks). You name it it's there!
Some are even on the road itself! And they are not bothered about it. These things are not considered as something to be picked up and cleaned!

It seems like it is normal for these people to see plastics around, even right at their own door, but when it comes to trees, plants, etc. they're considered nuisance that needs to be cut off!

It would be unfair to just rant about the people of this force and their family members because there are equally idiotic civilians too. And they do the same! Pollute the planet...without a thought!

Students themselves walk these areas and yet, not one seems aware that there is something to be bothered around here. So much for education huh!

I have been in this place for 3 years and yet the boards that say "go clean and green" or "help save the planet by going green" are just plain words intend to remain in boards. Absolutely pathetic! And being a model (carrying our own cloth bags, segregation of wastes, refusing to use plastics, etc.) doesn't seem to have an effect on people. 

My husband used to say, "They themselves are not bothered about their health, what would you expect?"


And just right before the entrance of our campus (upper side) are houses where sewage goes down right on the pedestrian lane, where, if you aren't careful, you could get a bath of cow dung! (Poor cows though...contained in a 6 by 6-foot prison for milking purposes only so humans could have a glass of milk tea! What a shameful species-humans!

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