14 August 2014

Pineapple Suite Hat: A Crochet Summer Hat

When I started crocheting, one of the many projects I had in mind was hat -summer and winter hat. So I started searching for free patterns, which are in plenty and easily available on the internet you just know where and what to look.
 I found a number of them including this one from free-crochet.com. So I downloaded the PDF file and at first I hesitated to start this project because originally the pattern is a decorative one and I don't have the exact materials that are suggested in the pattern. But then I thought, "it may not make a big difference if I use the materials I have", because I really like the pattern and I already had the idea of making it in light and dark yellow colors (quite a bad idea though for a decorative hat considering dust). Well, I did it anyway and these pictures show the finished Pineapple Suite Hat project.

To access or download the pattern, you must sign up first then you can dowload other interesting patterns, too.

~ the result is quite big ~

Here's what happened with the project:

Since I didn't have the materials described in the pattern, the result is pretty but not that good for use outside. Here's why!

I didn't use two strands of thread and the yarn (acrylic) I used is not what is suggested so the hat is not stiff enough that it sags and bounces when you wear it. So I added a floral wire, which I single crochet around, at the edge (as seen in the above picture -darker shade) to stop the rim from sagging or flapping. But still the result is not very good for outside use.

~ the pinapple-look is made of popcorn stiches ~

Therefore, if you make this project it is compulsory to use the kind of materials that are suggested in the pattern to have the perfect result. You can choose the color of course, but I recommend that you use a yellow shade for the pineapple and use a different color for the rest to give a better result.

As with this project, I might use it as a ceiling decor.

While writing this entry, I found the same project at Instructables and there the author suggested to boil flour with sugar to stiffen it. I will defintely try it and update you the result.