20 May 2014

Spread The Seeds, Spread A Message

Spread The Seeds, Spread A Message is a personal attempt to help animals get back what they lost because of human interference and stupidity. Over the years I have witnessed and pondered how difficult the lives of these animals have become. I often wonder how and where do they get their food just to sustain a day's forage when only a few fruit-bearing trees are available around. They are the only ones who truly feel and endure the suffering of their existence, and I, looking at them, have to do something about it.

On the road, one can witness large groups of monkeys sitting and waiting for people to throw food at them. For the people's side, it is highly irresponsible of them to throw slices of bread or any other forms of food to these monkeys thinking they are doing the right thing for these animals. Hardly any help at all. What they are doing does more harm than good. Why? Because by doing so they are encouraging monkeys to stay on the road and become dependent on human "goodness" thus putting the lives of these animals in a high danger zone for most of the times they become victims of hit and run. This action makes them dependent on humans (and making anyone dependent on you is the greatest mistake you can ever do). Doing this is like making them eat one day and letting them starve for the rest of their lives.

Any sane person who is genuinely wanting to help animals get food must do something other than this.

One can start reforestation by planting or spreading fruit-bearing trees.  One can plant fruit-bearing trees in their own compound -some other animals will definitely be happy about it. Collect seeds including vegetable seeds, flower seeds and spread them in areas less frequented with people, in the forest. This action does not need an organization to start. Individuals can do it.

So this is what I am doing. I am collecting any kind of seeds (the above pictures are mango and ado or peach seeds) and spread them somewhere in the forest. Some may come up, some may not, or all may not come at all but it's an act worth trying. It's not a big one but I know some animals might benefit from it.

And to you, dear readers, if you have understood my cause, you already know what to do.