09 May 2014

Missing Missing Coonee

You got it right! Coonnee has been missing for more than a month now. We don't know what happened to her, what we have are only speculations based on how she has become for the last 2 years. Most probably she's dead considering her physical conditions. She was almost fully blind and her hind bones were weak. And any chasing with dogs and monkeys would put to her disadvantage. She could be a victim to a leopard, too. We really cannot say! We have looked for her but there's no trace of any dead animal within a few hundred meters.

Although she was blind she almost always wanted to stay outdoors, which we consented. I guess she has led a pretty good and happy free cat-life.

It has taken me this long to talk about her and yet thinking about her just makes me cry. It's so sad, really sad. Anyone who has a great attachment with pets knows how it feels to lose them....a loved one. We love this cat. We really had a special inter-specie relationship.

She is missed...she will always be in our heart. Sadness will go sooner or later, our life goes on without her. She will be remembered with fondness, that's for sure!

An Update: August 11, 2014
Connee will never come back to us. We don't know what really happened to her but yeah, we assume she's dead. Oh life, it's end will come sooner or later. We just wished we could bury her. It's the "not knowing what happend to her" that makes her disappearance terrible.

06 May 2014

The Road Less Traveled

The road less traveled for only 2 or 3 jeeps come and go to a village unknown to my knowledge. It's near yet far and seems at the edge of nowhere but it offers a scenery of jaw-dropping beauty. 
This place is breezy especially in the afternoon towards ealy dusk. The roads here are perfect for contemplation abou the hustle-bustle and chaotic atmosphere of the cities.