12 April 2014

Copra: Munch on it to lose weight

Copra is a very good source of fats, that too, healthy fats. Coconut oil has gained a bad reputation over the years that many banned it for using in cooking. Yet recent scientific studies have revealed a different story altogether -coconut oil is one of the healthiest oil. And it stands to logic considering every part of a coconut tree is useful and oil from a coconut is easy to extract though one might need a number of coconuts to produce a liter of oil.

We've been trying to find coconut oil from the market for the last 12 months. Unfortunately, we only procured 3 liters through acquaintances, and that too, from the south (Kerala) since around here in the north, using coconut oil for cooking is unheard of. So to compensate the lack of availability we eat copra instead in a daily basis -one, two, or three cut pieces every day. And I guess, copra, along with nuts that we are consuming, has helped my body shaped up and I have never gained weight from eating it, contrary to popular belief among people around here.