18 October 2014

Stealing for God

I have been so furious since our Gaillardias at front garden bloomed. Between 5:30 to 7:00 when we are still in bed, a few people -women and school kids- pluck these flowers as if they have planted them themselves! Made me think, have these people not learned the sense of propriety or is it because in this campus most things are for free (weekly rations) so they think everything else, including those flowers and vegetables that are planted by a particular household, are also free and at their disposal? Possibly...or worse they have never learned it in their life!

I caught two kids stealing flowers and when asked why their teacher at school asked them to bring flowers. I mean, really? Such education is being taught to these children? Can this be so horrible? Taking something without asking! But isn't it one of the basic manners that we should learn in life? And on top of this, an adult, a grandmother was with the kids. So much for consenting adults, huh!
So what do you think of this?

On different days and different occasion, I have caught 4 women in total right while they were plucking our Gaillardias. When asked, these flowers are for god/to bring to the temple, they replied (all women). 


God needs offering, huh! But I thought everything is God's so why does he need to be offered something that is already his? It's like you pay me a visit to my house and give me with something, like a bottle of groundnut oil which is right at our cupboard and hand it to me as a gift or visit offering. Isn't it just the stupidest dreadful thing you can do?

So my husband tried to educate them right then itself asking "how would God feel when you bring stolen offerings to him?" They couldn't answer! "You didn't even ask!  What if I come to your house and take something, how would you feel", he added (even if they ask we won't give flowers). He even told them that if they want flowers they can plant themselves and we will provide them with seeds. And guess what, they never came back (to this date) and asked for seeds ( I have plenty because we are moving from this place soon and I always make a garden wherever we land).

And what about the bees, butterflies, and other insects that depend on these flowers? Definitely, everyone who plucks, even if it's theirs, or accepts flowers as gift is a willing participant in this act.

We should even encourage planting lots of plants and flowers to every vacant land, no matter how small, to increase the number of insects that would pollinate our crops. Without these tiny creatures, we would have been long a history.

And come November, it's chrysanthemums time (I have pink, red, and brown) and I am certain they will be the subject of these particular people's eyes. Thinking about them plucking these eye-bewitching loveliness makes me want to cut their hands...really! That angry I am!

I have two ideas though that might make them hesitate to touch these flowers. One, install a camera so later on, I could print their faces on a street billboard (such a small community it wouldn't be hard to recognize). Two, tie a rope of bells onto one hard stem to another so when someone tries to pick one flower it makes sounds so that even if we are asleep or in the farther room we can hear it. Haven't tried this yet though.

For most people, flower picking is somewhat not a big deal but for someone who loves flowers for they are not only planted for self-purpose but also to encourage insect population, it is a serious deal!

But what else can we do other than trying to educate? What else can I do other than being observant and prevent stealing? Nothing! I can be angry as much as I can but it won't make a difference to the people who are involved in such a hideous act.

Which is why, to live in a community where people are responsible for their own action, where people have high regard on the welfare of animals and insects, to the environment as a whole, would be lovely!

Anyway, looking at the pictures here it's no wonder why they are being targeted. They are just gorgeous, and the more I do deadheading the more they flourish. And for many people around here, this flower is not that common...or maybe, our house is the only house around here where flowers are accessible.

But, really...the nerve of these people to dare steal them...and that too, for God? Nonsensical!!!

Update: Since the last "caught", our flowers (chrysanthemums are also in bloom) have been safe. I have no idea why. Could it be that those people stopped stealing after giving them some sense into their heads or they are not around the campus? But one time, I was told (by my husband) that one of those women turned up in the hospital for cough medicine for her kid. Well, they seem to refrain themselves from turning their path to ours and move straight ahead.


  1. It's quite an interesting phenomena. Copyright is another idea that seems to be quite forgotten. I have people just gleefully copy and paste from my blog at times without even a link back — I appreciate the fandom, but sheesh!

    1. Interesting, indeed! First time in my life encountering people who take other's property without asking!

      Copyright is a serious legal offense, too, which in both cases, justice takes time or not at all!