01 April 2014

Govindghat: At A Height's View

What you see is Govindghat from a higher point's view towards Gangharia. During the great flood of June 2013 most parts of these areas were washed off, including some hotels that were built just right at the banks of the river and the bridge that connected Govindghat and Gangharia.

Since Yatra season is about to open...again, this area would be flooded with tourists and pilgrims, mostly Sikhs. As their number rises and so as the garbage and prices of commodities around.

From here, Gangharia is 13 kilometers trek to Gangharia, the base point towards the Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib. There are snack and tea stalls at every 100 meters for the most part of the trek, but as usual, the prices are double, and check out the expiry date of their products for mostly they are expired or almost expired.

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