25 March 2014

The Murder of the Wise

This tree is 21 years old (I really counted the rings in it). It could be as old or even older than the buildings around it. It was cut for I don't know what exact reason but if you want to hear a stupid one, here it is. It was felled because it destroyed the buildings around it. Or maybe because it gave so much shade it feels so cold in winter. Just great, huh! In my viewpoint, these buildings have occupied so much they are the ones destroying this tree and the lives that depend on it. 

To tell  the truth, this happened in my neighborhood...a place that is strategic to be hidden but with what has been done, it just exposed itself and become an easy target. Well

Not only this tree was felled, there were a few more. Bushes and grasses were removed, too. You know what's the most idiotic about this? Those bushes and grasses were removed to shoo away snakes! Well, guess what? When the forest is gone where else do you think animals go? In your own backyard! And with what happened, soil erosion is definitely imminent and trees are not the only ones to fall but the hills themselves. If only nature could choose to bury the people who have these kind of acts with it! Ahhh!

I was watching while this magnificent tree was being cut. What could have I done? Nothing! I didn't do anything! Except swearing to myself that I would never live in such a place and be surrounded with people that are apathetic and dumb, who only know how to get their asses and bellies bigger and fatter.

What could you have done?

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