28 March 2014

Pokhari-Nagnath - Chamoli District

Pokhari-Nagnath is around 29 kilometers from Karnaprayag. From this busy town, it is through the left if you come from Rishikesh, crossing a bridge and the climb starts. Nagnath is attached to it because it is a small town commonly known for Government Inter-College, Nagnath, which is slightly visible in this picture. Some government establishements present here include State Bank of India (working ATM machine is available), Veterinary Office, and Community Health Center. There is no proper hotel or lodging facilities here, not even a decent restaurant, except for a few small street tea stalls and hotels.

This place is also accessible from Rudraprayag itself rather than through Karnaprayag, which is about 60 kms.

This picture was taken during our first climb to Dudkhamba Temple.

Residential houses (left picture) at Pokhari-Nagnath after a slight early morning snow as seen from CHC's garage rooftop. When we were there, we experienced a heavy snow once, then 3 or 4 more lighter ones, mostly in January and February. This year, snow came late (climate change?)
It's very breezy here. You might get scared of the sound of the wind. It's a little nice place, only that people don't care about proper garbage disposal. On the streets are cartons/boxes, plastics, and other waste items (including human excrement on the road), which really disgust any sane man who has sense of cleanliness and awareness on environmental issues.

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