29 March 2014

Loqai-qai: Black Cat, Bad Luck? Ridiculous!

We sighted this adorable black cat for the first time at Gauchar market. We asked around about his identity and so when we learned who the owner was we approached him and told him about our intention of taking him home with us. During our conversation, we found out that he's got two other siblings and were already taken for adoption. When we asked why nobody has taken this black one, the owner said "People think around here that black  cats bring bad luck." Toink! Same everywhere huh? Poor one, being accused of a ridiculous, superstitious claim that is only due to a recessive gene. The owner was quite happy though that we were the people who are going to take care of him. Maybe he was able to make out our love for animals and that he knew we would take care of his black cat.

So we took him home. I named him Loqi, which sometimes becomes Loqai-qai. On his first night with us, he ran away. We believed that he tried to go back to his birth place. What happened was, he maybe wanted to pee or loo and no matter how we tried to make him do in our bathroom/toilet itself, he wouldn't (obviously because he's not used to it). My mistake! I should have gathered mud that afternoon and made arrangement for him, he's a new cat after all. So, we decided to let him out, with our company of course hoping he would just sit on the mud outside and do. Well, what can you expect? He didn't do! Instead, he ran so fast that none of us could catch him. We thought we've lost him on his first day forever. He didn't come back that night! 

~ Loqi joins me in Animal Behavior class at Coursera ~
But he did come back! At around 9 in the morning the following day, I saw, from our kitchen window, for I was washing fruits that time, one of our semi-feral kittens, Cee-cee, coming from the other building then followed by Loqi. Wow! You should experience the feelings I felt that time. I was overjoyed. Haha! He's back!  Loqi's home! I shouted. And so Loqai-qai's story continues!

Loqi is quite famous around here (the only black cat in this small town? I suppose so!). In fact, he has become so famous that he has had quite a few fights with a dominant tom around here. Lol! Right now, his right hind leg has two healing wounds. It would have been better if he and our other cats are made homebound but how can we take their freedom away? It would be heart-wretching sight watching them watching outside imagining how great it would be to be outdoors because they really seem to love it out, playing, rolling on the dry mud, watching birds, chasing little insects (poor insects, too), bringing home chicken wings or half-dead rats (oh, nature!), being chased after by some idiot kids around here, and sometimes, some being chased by some visiting dogs in the area that have eyes on them, too. Hopefully, the Maree incident won't happen to them. 

~ Loqai-qai: an acrobat in the making ~
Right now, he's around 10 months old and has won the "Mr. Congeniality" award for he's very friendly to other cats. He still holds the title, though. 
Though he used to go missing for two days, he would re-appear after that mostly early morning and joins us in bed. When hanging clothes at the rooftop, he used to come and while going back down he used to lead the way but waits for me. Amazing creatures!

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