26 March 2014

ITBP 8th Battalion Officers' Mess: Gauchar

To give you the other side (the other one is featured) of ITBP 8th Battalion, Gauchar Officers' Mess, here it is...taken from the ground when it was about winter. I haven't counted all the rooms in it but I guess there's about 10 rooms for guests of ITBP personnel's friends and families. Booking is required, of course, especially during Badrinath, Hemkund Sahib Yatra.

Only officers ranking from assistant commandant to Director General and their friends and families, and other "VIPs" are allowed to stay here. Slippers are not allowed inside so one has to wear a sandal or shoe. Crazy huh! Lol!

Some formal and informal parties are being held here from time to time like send-off party or a party of an officer who just got promoted, a party to welcome New Year. No special dishes are served during parties, though. Very rarely, depends on the cook, a few new items are made for such occasions.

If you are a guest, someone who is just passing by, a night stay will not cost you much. Rooms and foods are affordable, free even sometimes. You can also choose whether to dine in your room or at the dining hall.
~ Inside the Officers' Mess ~

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