24 March 2014

ITBP 1st Battalion Officers' Mess: Joshimath

~ ITBP 1st Battalion Officers' Mess at Joshimath ~

ITBP 1st Battalion is situated along the Joshimath - Auli road, about 3 kilometers from Joshimath proper. The battalion is built in hilly areas. One can expect to find buildings in a ladder form accessed through curvy road (like the below picture) and steps. This one is almost at the top of the ITBP area. Along with this building are residential areas for officers (Assistant Commandant grade). Below it is a small ground for physical activity. Then below it is the administrative building.

What I like in this campus is that it is covered with trees and plants aside from its curvy features - taking the steps up and down would be a great exercise. What I don't like is where it is situated. It's along the Joshimath - Auli highway which, during skiing season, could be very busy. Add to it is the entrace where one can notice a not-so-well-managed road - pretty narrow and bumpy, and a zero garbage/waste disposal - plastics all around and sewage canal is heavy with plastics, too. 

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