14 May 2013

Bun Burger

Bun burger for breakfast and sometimes for lunch. This one is homemade, except for bun. The bun was purchased from the market. In one pack there are two pairs of bun for Rs. 8, which is sufficient enough for me and my husband.  Now, what I did was this:

First, I made mayonnaise salad which include small and young onion, small carrot, quite a few fine chopped cabbage (carrot and cabbage were soaked in water for a minute after chopping them so they become crispier), 1 lemon juice and 1 to 1 1/2 spoon mayonnaise. Then I fried 2 small potatoes as you can see from the picture. Then one sunny-side-up fried egg. Lastly, I roasted bun in butter then put all the rest together. I also added tomato sauce at the end for much better taste.

Simple yet yummy breakfast or lunch, whichever you prefer! Try sometime!

13 May 2013

ITBP 8th Battalion Campus Ground

What you can see is a road that leads to Officers' Mess from the main gate through the Administrative building. On the left is the gym (building not visible), to the right is the ground where you can see a paved area which is also used as a helipad. That ground is mainly for PT and other activities in the campus.

This is ITBP - Gauchar (8th Battalion) campus ground.