15 March 2013

Choco Saying Namaste!

This is Choco, a military dog. He's about three years old. We met him at ITBP Gopeshwar unit. He is trained to sit, lie down, roll and do Namaste (Hello!) although he missed where to face the camera this time (lol). He eats at least 10 chapatis (Indian bread) and meat. He's not allowed to eat rice during winter, he might get some colds -they say (some old traditional belief).

13 March 2013

Uttarakhand Government Hospital in Bhatoli

This is Uttarakhand Government Hospital situated in Bhatoli, around 13 kms from Karanprayag. It's in Karanprayag-Garsen road. Since there is a heavy shortage of doctors in Uttarakhand, this hospital is mostly run by a pharmacist and a ward boy. Doctor is available for 6 months after Badrinath  Temple closes. Water is available 24 hours although there is almost always power cuts everyday. At this time, there is no phone or mobile services around the hospital area. One has to climb back to the highway, which is a few steps away, to find a signal. The surroundings are green. The air is cool. And it is located quite far from villages so it's almost always silent except for a few sounds from vehicles. It's a nice place. There is a river down the place. (We have stayed here for a night.)

11 March 2013

Look Who I Found!!!

Look who I found happily sitting and napping? Droolee! This tree has just blossomed after it lost all its leaves in winter. Droolee is not a usual sight on this tree but this time it's different. She just wouldn't want to come down after a much bigger cat chased her. Her history with this big cat is not pleasant for she was attacked by this big cat inside our house napping. So, today Droolee seemed to have found a nice high haven thinking the big cat may not be able to find and reach her ever. (Lol)