07 March 2013

Tithonia Rotundifolia: A Sun-like Orange Flower

When I took this flower using a  Sony Digital Camera 2004 model, macro mode I really didn't know its name. For a while after taking so many photographs of blooms around here my husband started an operation: "search-that-flower-name" on the internet using various ways like typing "sun-like" flower, or "orange flower". Any descriptive words that might help finding the correct name for a particular bloom.

This one, I found its name myself, just a while ago before typing this caption because this was posted as a Nameless Beautiful Flower at first. Using my husband's technique I was able to find its name. The power of internet, the interest of the unknown people out there who posted similar threads and the persistence to know did all the magic. 

Tithonia Rotundifolia, or Tithonia, since its easier to remember this way, comes in different colors like red, orange or yellow. 
Now I know its name and from now on I will never forget it.

Looney: The Fluffy-Eared Pup

His name is Looney. Our friend, Dr. Rana (in-charge of Badrinath Government Hospital) got him home a month before Badrinath Temple closes.  But before he was sent down to Haridwar, my husband and I took care of him for two weeks. He's a very cute pup who was always busy chewing on a bone he found just outside our house, where he spent most of his morning days when the sun is out. Later we found out that he was never sent to Haridwar. Instead, Dr. Rana's friend took him and he is now staying in Devprayag. He is now around two years old!