05 August 2013

Fruits & Nuts Breakfast

So this is our usual breakfast. It just varies depending on the season because every season gives different kinds of fruits and other produce. So this time, we got a bowl of pomegranate (sometimes it's more than that depending on the size of the pomegranate); 1 sweet lime or mosambi; 1 or more adho or peach; 2 varieties of apples; 1 mango (it's green but once cut it's yellow and sweet and we generally eat the skin-after thorough washing, of course- which is a very good source of fiber) and a bowl of nuts (almonds, pistachios & cashews - 10 pieces each).

Generally we add cucumber, local (the ones that are very big but very immature on the inside). We like this one better than the usual green which is commonly available in the  market.

Well, apart from a small of tea in the morning, the rest of breakfast is mainly composed of fruits and nuts, with a glass or 1 1/2 glass of blended fresh mango juice. We don't buy juices which are in boxes or pouches. We make juices at home, may it be banana, pineapple, grapes, or mango. This month and the previous 2 months we have had mango juice 3 times a day with banana juice once or twice a day. We also have 1 or two nashpati or I think it's a local pear, a small one but soft.

Like I said, the variety of fruits could be many and so depending on what we get from the market that's what we'll have.

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