11 April 2013

Pomegranate: A Perfect Grenade?

This is pomegranate bud, still about to turn into a full-grown flower. Whether it matures into a fruit, we still yet to see for  quite a number of monkeys have an eye on it and the others along with it. Many would have seen its full-grown fruit. Many would have eaten its juicy sweet seeds but none would have seen how a delicious fruit turns when it's youngest stage.

Pomegranate is revered to be a symbol of health, fertility and eternal life. Why exactly, you can tell me yourself.

It is known to be native of Persia and has been propagated in various places. It is available in grocery stores and fruit stalls all year round. Although, it is on the costlier side here in India, people tend to buy this fruit for pooja (prayer offering) purposes. While for my husband and I, it is part of our daily breakfast meal - 2 pomegranate fruits every morning along with other fruits like apple, orange, grapes, guava, etc, whatever fruit is in season.

In Philippines, we call it granada, 
(grenade) because of its shape, the word being of Spanish influence.

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