26 April 2013

Monkey: Cooling Itself With An Ice Drop Candy

Monkeys in and around Rishikesh are in abundance. The reason is obvious - they have come where people are for food. And they're right! There is plenty of food around here. People get breads, pakodas, bananas, etc for them. And not only these types of food.

Take this picture, for example. A monkey holding a half eaten ice drop candy on Lahksmanjula bridge. We found him slurping it without minding the people passing him by. Whether this candy was given to him or he has snatched it from a kid or an adult, we couldn't say.  Look at him, he seems so happy and relaxed to get hold of a cooling candy in a mid-hot noon day. This bridge is a good place for them to get fed indeed!

People must be careful also because there are monkeys that are quite aggressive and would grab anything in your hand, even your purse or bag. 

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