01 December 2012

Uttarakhand State Gov't. Hospital: Badrinath

~government hospital, no admission...
only OPD and emergency cases~

This is the government hospital situated in Badrinath. It is quite big but there's no admission here only OPD from 8 am to 2 pm. Aside from this, the state government has put up a dispensary near the Badrinath temple adjacent to Punjab National Bank for the convenience of pilgrims and tourists. My husband worked there for 6 months last year, 2011. One doctor, Dr. Sachin Rana, two pharmacists and other hospital staffs are working there right now.

108 provides emergency cases and carries referral cases to higher centers for free!

~doctor's quarters~

This is a two-floor building housing for state government doctors. Each floor has two bedrooms, one receiving hall, two bathrooms and toilets, one small kitchen, one storage room and two extra small rooms (1 is receiving area). Ground floor has a small area at the back where one can bask in the sun (considering the weather, you will need to go for tanning...lol) or grow a garden. It has a good view of the back mountains, too!

~taken on closing day, hence the big ambulance (very left) to carry staffs down to their designated area of assignment after this 6-month assignment~


Since the heavy floods in June 2012, roads have been washed away and many areas are still under construction. Though yatra is going on this year (2015), it seems that the number of pilgrims and tourists has declined. Many business are closed.

Doctors and other hospital personnel are on a one month duty this year. Every month a new doctor and a few other staffs are coming every month replacing the previous assigned medical staffs.

27 November 2012

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is around 210 kms. from New Delhi and around 6-hour drive by bus or less by private vehicles. It's entrance fee is Rs. 20 for each local tourists and Rs.250 for foreigners. One can always find a long queue at the main gate (opens at 9 a.m.) but there is another gate, which not many know, that collects the same amount of entry fee only that most of the times someone will tell you about this gate and will collect ten times the amount so one should be careful.

We were here on 12th November 2012 and in the middle of the day and it was hazy (smog?) and, obviously, sunny.

There were many people, locals and foreigners alike.

ITBP 8th Battalion Unit Hospital

This is the rear right side of ITBP (8th Battalion) Unit Hospital in Gauchar,  Chamoli District, Uttarakhand, India as seen from our house building. As of this time, there are two permanent doctors and one in contract. It is mostly OPD sessions from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm, Monday to Saturday. Admission happens every once in a while, especially during emergency cases. All deliveries are referred to Srinagar, Garhwal. 

This hospital has 3 doctors' chambers.  
~ Backside of the unit hospital ~
~A guard is seen at the gate~
~Villagers can pass through this gate. We also used this road
towards Gauchar market -shortcut and as an exercise on the side~

Newly joined doctors will undergo training for 3 months at Mussoorie, Dehradun and then come back for general duty. Sometimes a doctor visits the posts as a routine. Sometimes, medical camps are held in various villages around Chamoli District (depending on the location of the battalion).
Once, in October, my husband, though a locum doctor, was sent to Ghamsali post, near Malari for a visit. I was allowed to go with him, of course.  Thanks to the CO at that time!
We trekked to Niti Valley until Bimlas where a few ITBP soldiers are posted.
We stayed at Ghamsali guest house.
The Ghamsali post has one AC posted all the time and other officers to constables.

Then he was also sent to do a 5-day medical camps in the Joshimath - Badrinath areas, where we halted at ITBP Joshimath guest house at night.

On the thrid year of working at ITBP, he was sent again to various medical camps around Gopeshwar areas where we stayed at Kotiyal sen.

26 November 2012

Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath Temple is a pilgrimage site among Hindus located 14 kms from Gaurikund and can be reached by foot or horse (please use your feet and not the poor horses). 
A 7-minute helicopter services are also available by paying Rs. 7000 for two way, Rs. 4000 going up and Rs. 3000 coming down.

We went there one week before it closed for winter when people and traffic are less, hotels (lodging) are cheaper but food variety is less which could end you eating daal-chawal-sabzi. 

Air is definitely colder and chillier so get all those wind/cold cheaters ready.