18 August 2012


Meet Fiffy, the mildest cat I am ever with. Once we gave her a bone  with some flesh in it. When we tried to take it away from her she didn't even do anything, she just let us take it unlike Cokekie who guarded her share pretty closely and tightly. Lo!

17 August 2012


Meet Cokekie...our black and white cat back at home. Once she climbed a young teak tree and went so high she didn't know how to go down so we needed to get a rope and throw it to one of the branches to drag the tree itself near to us so we can grab her. I bet that was scary for her.

16 August 2012


Meet Woomie, aka Three...out smallest cat of three who got sick after deworming and is still sick for 9 days now. We  are feeding him with milk an egg through a syringe. We even bought a fish for him but it got wasted since he didn't eat even a little bit of it and the other two vomited everything they have eaten.

An update: Three passed away on August 25, 2012 after 17 days of being sick. My husband found him lying on the floor around 5 in the morning. He is always missed. Farewell, dear Three!

14 August 2012

St. Philomena's Church

St. Philomena's Church, Diocese of Mysore, India, constructed using a Neo Gothic style. This photo was taken in September 2010.

13 August 2012

Sunrise At Home

Sunrise taken at 7:20 in the morning in September 2010 at our farm house in Mysore